Yeehoo Press is dedicated to publishing fun, enchanting, and socially responsible children’s books for audiences around the world. Yeehoo books are currently being published and sold in English and Simplified Chinese editions. Yeehoo Press has offices in Los Angeles and San Diego, California, and Shanghai in China.

For the Chinese market, Yeehoo Press collaborates with Shanghai Yihe Industrial Co., Ltd (SYIC), which was founded in August 2007. SYIC publishes over 200 titles per year, reaching an annual output value of $15 million. SYIC, with support from its publishing partner, Phoenix Publishing & Media Group (PPMG), a large-scale, state-owned enterprise, maintains its publishing activities in China and seeks further opportunities in the domestic Chinese market, while Yeehoo Press strives to develop international publishing activities in a global market. The two companies work together through the sharing of resources and information.

Yeehoo Press publishes books in the following three sections:

Children’s books

We create and publish fun, enchanting, and socially responsible children’s books for audiences around the world, with an emphasis on quality writing and appealing illustrations.

Phoenix English Magazine

Phoenix English Magazine is an English learning magazine aimed for readers in China, providing language-learning materials as well as introducing readers to different cultures of the world  Additionally, we select informative monographs on educational theories from around the globe, and publish their Chinese editions. We inform educators in China of the latest breakthroughs in teaching theories and methodologies.

Arts & Social Sciences

We select the best books on social science, literature, and art on a worldwide scale, and publish their Chinese editions for readers in China.

Our Creative Team

Meet our talented and creative team. Our team is our most excellent resource in the publishing industry. They are experts who are committed to making the finest children’s books in the world.

C. J. Zhang


Helen H. Wu

Associate Publisher

Luyang Xue


Molly Shen

Art Director

Zhiqiao Wang


Peng Shen


Jiahui Zhu


Si Ye

Graphic Designer

Ruixiang Chang

Director of Sales

Sheng Xu


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