Awards & Praises

National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist 2023 

Northern Lights Book Awards Winner 2023

“A story of diversity and inclusion.” –Kirkus Reviews

Long learns perseverance and self-acceptance, while his class learns a valuable lesson on cultural differencesA thoughtful author’s note explains dragons’ roles as water spirits in China and draws parallels between Long’s experiences and those of immigrants navigating new cultures.Booklist

An insightful picture book in which a young dragon with unique abilities struggles to fit in… learns the importance of individuality and diversity. –Foreword Reviews

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s Book of the Year Award for 2024

“A truly timeless tale.” –Midwest Book Review

Troup’s “quiet lyricism is reflected in Binney’s misty, soft-hued…illustrations.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“An education on pecan farming and a reminder of the importance of family histories and legacies.” –Foreword Reviews

Winner of Paterson Prize for Books for Young Readers

Every Child a Reader Honor Book

“A lovely portrait of how interconnected everything is.” –Booklist

“Zhang illustrates a detailed, whimsical watercolor world with much to pore over.” –Publishers Weekly

“Imaginative rumination on the true meaning of farm to table.” Kirkus Reviews

Gold Medal Winner of 2021 IPPY Awards

Selected for the annual Best Children’s Books In China list 2020.

“A playful fantasy.” The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“A wonderful read for adults and children alike, as it is a journey of discovery.” –Children’s Books Ireland

The Vanishing Lake explores the timeless mysteries and magic of nature.” Fiona Woodcock, Author & Illustrator

Lendroth’s text seamlessly captures a child’s love of something that they are slowly outgrowing without resorting to sentiment or nostalgia. “Piper loved her purple sweater. She loved it even before she could pronounce the word purple.” Some kids have a blankie or binkie, but Piper has Purpa, and for so long that she outgrows it. Her family members suggest new uses for Purpa, but Piper says no until the day she gets a new stuffed animal, a koala, and as he is given the sweater, he is also given Purpa’s name. Feng’s illustrations effortlessly depict all the characters’ various emotions (including the dog and koala) with skill and humor. The family’s adorable Yorkie is in nearly every scene, adding to the story’s light humor. A delightful story of growing up, but not giving up on the thing you love. School Library Journal

Gold Medal Winner of 2021 Indie Book Awards

“Have the art table and smocks ready.” –Kirkus Reviews

“A humorous celebration of imagination and creativity.” –Midwest Book Review

“It will inspire a generation of artists to let loose and have fun with their creations.” –Jenna Rideout

“Playful rhymes and brilliant illustrations camouflage a search for identity. Strategic formatting—a rhymed riddle on each recto page followed by an answer on the next verso—encourages readers to guess what familiar animal Chameleon will turn into next. Young readers will also enjoy the challenge of searching the illustrations to find Chameleon’s transformations, especially when they turn into a very realistic monkey and a tiny shark. Colorful, humorous illustrations befitting a questing chameleon make this a good read-aloud.” –Kirkus Reviews

Cheerily delivers the lesson that it’s best to be yourself.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Busy, crowded, vibrant—like a party.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Baum-Owoyele’s cheerful watercolors have a true party feeling. Their bright colors and keen-edged shapes, crisp and energetic against the white background, bounce with energy.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Sundry animals with a common goal squabble, shriek, and work it out.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Fill-in-the-blank spaces invite readers to offer their own hypotheses, and occasional seek-and-find prompts encourage further reader involvement . . . Visual and bathroom humor is tucked everywhere in Phillips’s jam-packed digital illustrations . . . The homemade effect lends the story a down-to-earth vibe that emphasizes how much fun it is to be over-the-top silly in the name of science.” –Publishers Weekly

A combination of humorous detective story, fun fill-in-the-blanks, and laugh-out-loud details, When I’m Not Looking is especially recommended for family picture book collections. –Midwest Book Review