温柔的推土机 The Gentle Bulldozer

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推土机小推推出生于工程车世家,每一天,他和挖掘机、翻斗车、反铲挖土机、起重机等家人都过着忙碌的生活。可是,小推推是一台温柔的推土机,他并不想每天都在“搞破坏”!于是,这一天,他独自离开了家…… 小推推能找到自己喜欢的工作吗?作为一台温柔的推土机,他又该怎么面对家人呢?其他的工程车会理解小推推的选择吗?

In this rollicking read-aloud, a powerful bulldozer is off to find his true purpose. With the help of new friends and old, he might just find a gentler calling.

Bulldozer spends his days on a construction site. He and his friends are tasked with an important job: to tear things down and smash things up. But Bulldozer dreams of something bigger–could he and his crew be made for more than this?