Capybara Zen

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An adorable capybara shares his unique zen tips for mindfulness, patience, sharing, kindness, and enjoying the moment.

by Helen H. Wu

Embark on a delightful adventure with Capy the Capybara from Capyzenia to Earth, as he imparts zen mindfulness tips and whimsical illustrations. Dive into educational backmatter detailing Capybara facts and the history of zen philosophy. Each page guides readers through the art of patience, sharing, kindness, and embracing the present moment. Encouraging creativity and life lessons, this kawaii coloring book is a journey to finding joy and peace in simplicity. It’s not merely a coloring book but a voyage guided by the gentle wisdom of a capybara from another planet, appealing to both children and adults alike.

About the Author

Helen H. Wu is an award-winning children’s book author, illustrator, translator, and publisher. Her books include TOFU TAKES TIME, LONG GOES TO DRAGON SCHOOL, and PING’S PERFECT POT. Helen also co-authored FANTASTIC TALES OF DRAGONS for Lego Books. Helen is the Publisher of Yeehoo Press, an independent children’s book publisher based in San Diego, California. Fascinated by the differences and similarities between cultures, Helen loves to share stories that empower children to understand the world and our connections. Born and raised in Hefei, China, Helen now lives in the sunny Southern California with her family. Find more about Helen at