Halloween Bundle - Book Keychains Stickers

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Get into the spooky spirit with our Halloween Book Bundle! This fantastic package includes the captivating picture book “My Monsterpiece,” filled with ghoulishly delightful tale, along with two quirky dragon stickers and two adorable dragon keychains.

A humorous celebration of imagination and creativity that invites kids to create their own monster masterpieces with everyday materials. Perfect for art lovers of all ages! 

What’s the SCARIEST, MEANEST, most TERRIBLE monster you can imagine? For one child, every proper monster means a green tongue! Pointy horns! And definitely extra sharp teeth. But what’s a kid to do when the entire family thinks their monster drawings are “cute” and not frightening at all? Maybe monsters aren’t what this child previously thought—and it might just take some thinking outside the box to reveal surprising lessons about fears and perceptions.

Using found objects like buttons, cereal, string, along with traditional paints and fun cutouts, My Monsterpiece encourages children to pour over the details and look around them for materials that can be turned into art.