If A Bumble Bee Lands on Your Toe


A thoughtful tale of mindfulness and our interconnectedness with nature. 

The story delves into how we can embrace our fears and uncertainties through a deeper understanding of the creatures around us. It highlights the delicate yet profound bond we share with even the smallest beings, like a bumblebee. Through engaging narrative and stunning visuals, the book teaches children to appreciate the natural world and find peace in moments of fear.

A charming and insightful read written by Cynthia Mackey and illustrated by the award-winning illustrator Vikki Zhang, perfect for young minds learning to navigate their emotions and the environment they inhabit.

About the Creators

Cynthia Mackey is the author of KATIE SHAEFFER PANCAKE MAKER and THE LULLABY MONSTERS and her poetry appears in The Toy, The Dirigible Balloon and Little Thoughts Press, Hit the Road magazine. She was mentored by highly acclaimed Canadian author, Jean E. Pendziwol. With a Bachelor of Education degree, Cynthia views children as capable beings and works to bring elements of joy, playfulness, and social-emotional learning to her writing. For more information, visit her website at www.booksbycindy.com

Vikki Zhang is an illustrator, artist and founder of kids brand NIANYI年衣, currently living between Shanghai and New York. She was born in China, Jiangsu. She studied traditional Chinese painting which has had a fundamental influence on her artwork. She has produced artwork for Gucci, Burberry, Fila, The New York Times, China Post among many others. She is the winner of The 63rd Society of illustrators NYC (book category), and The 16th CACC Best Illustration. She has held solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.