Kindness Rocks


written by Sheryl Webster, illustrated by Robert García 

A heartwarming self-discovery journey where a rock star learns that the path to true fulfillment is paved with acts of compassion and connection.

Meet Jonny Heart, a rock star whose melodies bring happiness to all who hear them. When offered stardom by the charismatic Fat Cat, Jonny dives into a whirlwind of fame, glitter, and music. Yet, amidst the glitz, Jonny begins to miss the simple joys of life. An unexpected encounter with Busky Soul, a homeless bear, sets Jonny on an extraordinary journey, as he bridges his passion for music with the power of compassion.

Author Sheryl Webster and illustrator Robert García beautifully unfold a heartwarming tale that inspires readers of all ages to spread joy through acts of kindness. Join Jonny on his quest of self-discovery, and let this enchanting story remind you that sometimes, the smallest gestures can create the most significant impact.

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About the Author

Sheryl Webster lives in Liverpool with her husband and four children. She worked as a primary school teacher before taking a career break to bring up her family, which also allowed her more time to spend on her love of writing. When teaching, her big passion was helping children to develop the skills they needed to learn to read, and encouraging them to develop a love of books. Even now she love nothing more than seeing her own children with their nose in a book. The greatest inspiration for her own writing is her children, who provide her with an abundance of new ideas on a daily basis.

Born and raised in a lower-class Hispanic community that prided itself with its Chicano attitude, Robert Garcia‘s first inspirations were the drawings on the letters his uncles sent home from prison and the gang graffiti painted on the walls of his neighborhood. Allowing the reality of his culture to breathe through him, he relied heavily on his surroundings to teach him about life. This pushed him to develop a passionate urge to respond to the harsh conditions of his living environment by projecting his voice through the creativity of art.