My Grandpa, My Tree, and Me

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Written by Roxanne Troup, illustrated by Kendra Binney

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s Book of the Year Award for 2024

In this moving tale about the depths of love and care a grandfather and granddaughter have for one another, author Roxanne Troup and artist Kendra Binney deliver a timeless story sure to become a classic.
Of all the trees in Grandpa’s orchard, one tree is his favorite—a pecan tree, planted for his granddaughter on the day she was born.
As the seasons change and the leaves bloom and fall again, Grandpa takes tender care of each and every tree. Sometimes they need pruning, sometimes they need feeding. They all need harvesting, and the granddaughter loves to see the tractor hug the trunks and shake and shake until leaves and twigs and pecans all rain down.
But not the child’s tree—her tree is special. It is not a part of the rest of the orchard. It is for just the two of them: grandfather and granddaughter, and the ways they’ll watch this tree grow each season as they tend to the roots, care for its pecan treasures, and see what they can make together.

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  • Format: Jacketed Hardcover
  • Pages: 40
  • Size: 8.2 X 10.6
  • Price: $17.99
  • Age Range: 4-8 years, PreK-3
  • Publication Date: April 11, 2023
  • ISBN: 9781953458551


Children will be charmed by this gentle story that celebrates the special bond between a girl and her grandpa as they grow her pecan tree together. Written in lyrical prose with gorgeous illustrations, the sweet ending will tug at adult readers’ hearts. – Susanna Leonard Hill, Award-winning and NYT Bestselling Author

Gorgeously illustrated and lovingly told, MY GRANDPA, MY TREE, AND ME is a beautiful book about family and farming. The contrast between modern techniques used for harvesting pecans in a commercial setting with the care given to a backyard tree gives fascinating insight into this delicious and important North American crop. – Lisl H. Detlefsen, Award-winning Author of Time for Cranberries and Right This Very Minute

Key Selling Points:

  • A tender grandfather and granddaughter relationship—The special bond between the grandparent and grandchild here is so incredibly moving. The care they show one another and time they make to spend together will have readers in tears.
  • Gentle and lyrical prose and stunning illustrations—The text is pure poetry. And this story will become beloved by both adult and child readers. Meanwhile, with extraordinary detail, the full grandeur of grandpa’s orchard is on display. More than the gorgeous setting though, the artist delivers characters with a richness that will capture hearts.
  • An easy way to learn more about gardening— The story seamlessly weaves the life cycle of a pecan tree into the overarching narrative, allowing kids to pick up on the care of a pecan tree, including how to prune, feed, mow, protect for diseases, harvest, dry, and eventually cook the pecans!
  • Helpful back matter—Readers will have the opportunity to learn all about the history of pecans and how the commercial pecan industry came into existence. There is also a glossary to help kids learn some specific gardening terms used in the book, such as pecan scabs, aphids, harvesters, and more.

Author Bio

  • Roxanne Troup grew up along the waterways of Missouri, where everyone had a pecan tree but few grew pecans commercially. Today, she lives in the mountains of Colorado (where no one grows pecans) and writes kid’s books that celebrate the wonder of childhood and beauty of family.

  • Kendra Binney is a fine artist and illustrator. Her paintings have been exhibited, sold, and published around the world, but her favorite place on earth is still her own backyard. There she loves to spend time with her family and menagerie of animals; giving nicknames to visiting birds, and planting things in the dirt in hopes that they will grow.