Pebble Without a Cause

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Written by Stephanie Campisi, illustrated by Jiarui Jiang 

A delightful exploration of the power of perspective. 

Tiny Pebble feels purposeless among his family of rock-star Boulders. No matter how he tries to get involved, he’s not the right fit for the job. But when the dam his cousin Dustin is constructing springs a leak, Pebble uses his unique stature and problem-solving skills to save the day – in his own pebbly way.

Written by Stephanie Campisi and vividly brought to life through the illustrations of Jiarui Jiang, Pebble Without a Cause is a rousing reminder that everyone, no matter how small, has something special to offer in the grand tapestry of the world. A journey of self-discovery and self-worth, this book is an enchanting addition to any young reader’s collection.

About the Creators

Stephanie Campisi is an Australian children’s book author based in geologically rich eastern Tennessee, USA – an area home to many rocks and boulders! She has always been fascinated by the world underfoot, and has fossicked for opals at Coober Pedy, polished limestone in the waters of Malta, and geodes in the creeks of TN. When not exploring the forests and rivers around her home, Stephanie spends her days writing books, with titles to date including LUIS AND TABITHA, VERY LULU, FIVE SISTERS, QUACKS LIKE A DUCK AND AXOLOTLS: DAY TO ZZZ – and many more in the works! Stephanie holds an honors degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and loves any opportunity to explore how languages (and people) work.

Jiarui Jiang is an illustrator and storyteller based in China. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with an Illustration MA. Before that, she had studied animation for four years. After becoming an illustrator, she brought her passion for storytelling and character design to the creation of children’s books. Jiarui’s works revolve around themes of nature, food, and more recently, beautiful insects. She loves to make stories based on the world as she saw it from her childhood perspective, also creating roles with a performance aspect. Recently she has been exploring the creation of books other than paper, such as—-A book with a cover made of clay.