The Second in the World to Invent Telephone: Elisha Gray

Written and illustrated by Farren Phillips

A fascinating illustrated biography about Elisha Gray, the second person to invent the telephone.

Elisha Gray may not have received a patent for inventing the telephone, but he still made huge advances in the technology people use to communicate. Despite never completing a formal education, failing as a dairy farmer, and possibly having the plans for his best invention stolen by his rival, Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha still went on receive 70 patents for a variety of things including a very early version of what we now know as a fax machine and the world’s first electric musical instrument! Learn all about the life and inventions of this 19th century scientist in this exciting book packed full of fun facts, vibrant illustrations, and interactive activities.

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  • Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
  • Pages: 48
  • Size: 10.6  x 10.6
  • Price: $19.99
  • Age Range: 6 to 10
  • Publication Date: August 9, 2022
  • ISBN: 9781953458407

Key Selling Points:

  • STEM topics—covers a variety of scientific topics including electricity, sound waves, and magnets in a way that can be easily understood by young readers
  • Engaging nonfiction format—biographical and historical facts are made accessible with fun illustrations and interactive activities throughout
  • Unique history series—celebrates individuals less recognized by history as the second person to do something incredible; other titles profile Sir Francis Drake and Alfred Russel Wallace
  • Limited competition—there have not been many nonfiction children’s books published featuring Elisha Gray, especially within the last 5 years

About the Author:

Farren Phillips is an author and illustrator from the UK. She creates a range of wacky and funny books for children with deeper educational themes. From philosophy to funny jokes, Farren’s work is always packed full of fun for an entertaining reading experience for both parents and children.Visit Farren Phillips online at

Age Range

6-10 years


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