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Yeehoo Press is dedicated to publishing fun, enchanting, and socially responsible children’s books for audiences around the world. Our books are published and sold in simultaneous English and Simplified Chinese editions. Yeehoo Press has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, California, and Shanghai, China. We are a boutique press publishing 10 to 15 books per year, so we give each book on our list specific focus and a dedicated promotional push.

Yeehoo Press currently has an open submissions policy. We’re looking for fictional and non-fiction picture books, both text-only and author-illustrator projects, aimed at ages 3-8.

We’re particularly interested in:

  • A clever combination of fiction and non-fiction
  • Museum related stories.
  • Natural science titles focusing on sea creatures, microorganisms, ecosystems, etc.
  • Underrepresented voices with universal messages, especially those with Asian heritage.
  • Hands-on experiences, such as problem-solving, cooperation, etc.
  • Stories modeling critical thinking, such as analytical thinking, open-mindedness, etc.
  • Stories exploring self-identification and identity
  • Intergenerational family stories
  • Stories highlighting international and multicultural foods and cooking
  • Neurodiverse characters who are the heroes of their own stories
  • Books about environmental conservation and stewardship

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Yeehoo Press. Please familiarize yourself with the submission guidelines below to ensure that we are the right match for you and your work. Due to an overwhelming number of submissions we receive each week, please note that if you have not heard from us in six months, we are not interested at this time. No exclusive submissions are required as you may submit your work to other publishers at the same time. 

For All Submissions:

  • Send all submissions via email.
  • Attach text-only manuscripts as Microsoft Word attachments. File sizes cannot be larger than 2MB.
  • Send art sample, dummy and other materials via a link.

For Picture Books:

For Writers:

  • Original fiction and non-fiction titles for children ages 0 to 8. 
  • Up to 1000 words (not including art notes and/or back matters).
  • Include a query letter in the body of the email.

           Your query letter should include the following:

  • Synopsis, pitch, age range.
  • A bio that describes your occupation, publishing history, social media presence, whether or not you are represented by an agent, and any other information relevant to your submission.
  • Please include titles of up to three comparable books published over the last ten years. Such books should have an audience close to your book in the marketplace. 

For Illustrators:

  • Include URL of your website or online portfolio, with at least ten art samples, including cover design, character design, interior page sample, black and white sketch, and full-color rendering. 

For Writer-Illustrators:

  • Up to 1000 words (not including art notes and/or back matters).
  • Include a query letter.
  • Include URL to a PDF dummy in spread layouts, with cover design and at least two full-color spreads. 
  • Include URL of your website or online portfolio. 

Payment: advance against royalty.

Email Instructions:

  • Send email to
  • The email subject line must read: “PB: (story headline) by (author’s name)” or “ART by (illustrator’s name).”

Special Call for Submission

We’re currently looking for writers to write our new picture book about excavators. 

Introduction of this picture book:

This is a dramatic story adapted from a real event with a hilarious and whimsical twist.

On a winter day, two off-road vehicles are trapped on the river bank and get bogged down, and wait for a small digger to come to their rescue. Unfortunately, when the small digger frees the off-road vehicles, it gets stuck. Despite it being easy to rescue the small excavator, the events that transpire are dramatic, and all excavators that come to the rescue end up getting stuck…


We want you:

  • To have experience with publishing and picture book writing.
  • To have interest in construction vehicles.
  • To tell a popular story adapted from a real event, suitable for ages 3-8, and no more than 600 words.

If you are interested in this project, please send your resume and writing samples to We will offer more details about this project. 

Special Call for Submission - Chinese Picture Book


The Chinese storybook division of Yeehoo Press is looking for science fiction picture book writers. This series will be published in Chinese only.

Introducing Our Science Picture Book Series

We would like our series of science picture books to have four or five paperback volumes aimed at ages three to six. Our books will combine science knowledge with fiction. Each picture book will have a different story, but they should have a similar story setting, similar to The Magic School Bus.

Picture Book Series Science Topics

This series’ science theme focuses on Earth science, especially geography, and includes the following five topics (five volumes): 1) oceans, 2) forests, 3) Earth’s interior and mineral energy, 4) deserts, and 5) mountains. Every topic should cover both the natural environment and human economic activities, to embody the theme of “how human beings get along with nature.”

We want you:

  • To be a children’s science writer with real-world science experience.
  • To be fun, humorous, imaginative, and enjoy reading books likeThe Magic School Bus.
  • To be able to write popular science fiction suitable for ages three to six.
  • To use the basic story setting given below to tell an engaging science story of no more than 2000 words on a topic from one of the five listed above.
  • To send your final work to our email address: Also, please include a query letter in the body of the email (this is mandatory).

Your query letter should include the following:

  • Synopsis, pitch, age range.
  • A bio that describes your occupation, publishing history, social media presence, whether or not you are represented by an agent, and any other information relevant to your submission.
  • Titles of up to three comparable books you published over the last ten years. Such books should have an audience similar to this target audience.

Basic Story Setting

The story revolves around a family consisting of three siblings (triplets) and three generations (Grandpa, Dad, and Mom). This family loves to “research” and ask questions. Every time something special happens in their lives, they have many questions about it. When that happens, Grandpa (who loves to explore and do practical research) appears and takes the family to the field to explore and observe. Grandpa has a magic hat that can do anything: It gets bigger and smaller and can become any object they might need (such as a vehicle) or even living animals and plants. He uses his magic hat to get them everywhere. Under Grandpa’s guidance, the family goes on a magical adventure and eventually finds the answers to all their questions.

Six Main Characters:

Grandpa: Old rascal, interesting and humorous. He has the strength and energy of a much younger person.

Dad: An important figure who takes care of family members and keeps the children safe during adventures.

Mom: Cute, lively, and bold. She is like a little girl who loves adventure. She is very knowledgeable, and she and Grandpa share their scientific expertise throughout the adventure process.

Triplets: Two girls and a boy.

  1. Girl #1 is serious, careful, calm, and curious.
  2. Girl #2 is fancy and bold. She enjoys “crazy” adventures and always creates crises in the process.
  3. Boy: Contrary to Girl #2, he’s very timid. He just wants to be safe and doesn’t like the word “crazy.”

Each story should establish and maintain a humanistic tone of warm family relations.

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