Creating and Publishing Children’s Picture Books

On May 5, 2021, Kathleen M. Blasi, Kidlit Author of HOSEA PLAYS ON and MILO’S MOONLIGHT MISSION and Helen H. Wu, Associate Publisher of Yeehoo Press talked about Different Ways of Telling True Tales and Collaborative Process of Book Making. Click HERE to watch the replay.

Previous Events and Webinars:

March 2021:
We had a publishing webinar on March 6. Associate publisher, Helen Wu and author-illustrator Amalia Hoffman talked about the acquisition and the publishing process of MY MONSTERPIECE! 📚 
Click HERE to learn more about the book.
Aug 2020:
Author/Illustrator Paddy Donnelly shares with us his debut author illustrated book THE VANISHING LAKE. It was published first in Chinese in Mainland China, and in English in the U.S., by Yeehoo Press.
Click HERE to learn more about the book.
Feb 2021:
[Kidlit Interview] Amalia Hoffman – Author and Illustrator of MY MONSTERPIECE
Amalia talked about her inspiration and the process of creating MY MONSTERPIECE.
Click HERE to learn more about the book.
July 2020:
Helen Wu, associate publisher at Yeehoo Press, joined on Kidlit Distancing Social  for July 16, 2020. Helen and Laura discussed emerging worldwide kidlit trends, and opportunities for authors to publish internationally.
Click HERE to watch.

May 2020: Publishing Children’s Picture Book with Yeehoo Press. Helen Wu, the associate publisher of Yeehoo Press will talk about our manuscript wishlist, the acquisition process and the path to publishing. Click HERE to watch the replay. 

March 2020: Creating and Publishing Children’s Book. Click HERE to watch the replay.