Join Our Children’s Book Writing Competition: Adapt Your Favorite Folktale

Winner Announcement of the 1st Competition

Attention! Notice of Extended Deadline of The Second Round Competition:

The deadline of the 2nd competition will be extended to June 30th, and the results will be announced on August 1st.

*This is a regular event, so please stay tuned for information on our upcoming competitions if you are interested.

Attention all writers and storytellers! We are excited to announce our latest children’s book writing competition!

We are looking for talented writers to adapt a selected folktale into a children’s picture book. We would like to see a bold adaptation of the story to make it as suitable as possible for the picture book format. The winning entry will be possible published as a children’s book. And the author will receive a cash prize of $100 besides the royalty. This is a great opportunity to get your work out to more readers. The top three entries will be also featured on our Chinese publisher’s website as well as being distributed to young readers in China via Chinese social media.

To participate, please choose one following folktale to adapt and submit your manuscript, along with a brief author bio and contact information, to our email address by the deadline of June 30th. Please note that only original work will be considered, and all entries must be in English. Please send your submission to Please feel free to contact our Editor-in-Chief, Luyang if you have any questions:

We encourage writers of all ages and backgrounds to participate in this exciting opportunity to share their creativity and love of folklore with young readers. Good luck and enjoy writing!

*Notice: Participants must abide by the rules of the event and are not allowed to submit their entries to a third party before the results of each round are announced. By submitting an entry, participants agree to allow the organizer to use their manuscript for promotional purposes. Participants retain all intellectual property rights to their works. The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.


Yeehoo Press

Folktale option:

Urashima Tarou

The story follows a young fisherman named Urashima Taro who rescues a turtle from some children who were torturing it. The turtle thanks Urashima and takes him on a journey to an underwater palace, where he meets the beautiful Princess Otohime.
Urashima spends several days in the palace, enjoying the company of the princess and the wonders of the underwater world. When he decides to return to his village, Princess Otohime gives him a mysterious box as a parting gift, warning him not to open it under any circumstances. Urashima returns to his village, but finds that everything has changed. Many years have passed, and no one remembers him. In a moment of desperation, he opens the box, which unleashes a cloud of smoke that ages him instantly.
The story of Urashima Taro is often seen as a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed and curiosity. It reminds us that sometimes, the things we desire most may have hidden costs that we do not fully understand. At the same time, it celebrates the beauty and wonder of the natural world, and encourages us to be kind to all creatures, great and small.

Butterfly Dream

Once upon a time, Zhuang Zhou dreamt he was a butterfly, fluttering about without a care in the world. He was happy as a butterfly and knew nothing of Zhuang Zhou. However, when he woke up, he was once again Zhuang Zhou, a man. He wondered, “Was I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly now dreaming that I am a man?” This story is known as the “Butterfly Dream” and raises questions about the nature of reality and the limitations of our perceptions.